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Let us begin by thanking all are loyal customers that we have acquired over the years. Because of you BESSIE'S has been a family business for over 50 years! Beginning in 1958, we produce the kind of homemade goodness that keeps people comming back year after year to our little red shop.

     The business was started by both Bessie and "Pee Wee" Phelps. "Pee Wee" was a retired cook who had spent years working on the old state ferryboats that used to cross the straits of Mackinaw prior to the construction of the Mackinaw Bridge. Bessie was an enterprising woman to say the least, and back in the day she used to sell hot dogs, sandwiches, and such to occupants of automobiles that were lined up waiting to catch the next car ferry to cross the straits. It also happened that she was well known for her cooking.  Wanting to continue legacy of providing good food for U.P. travelers Bessie and "Pee Wee" decided to open their own business and together they spent years delivering great food at a great price.
     The business was then taken over by "Pee Wee" and Bessie's son and daughter-in-law, Pat and Karen Phelps. Pat and Karen have been running the business for over 27 years and continue to deliver the same wholesome goodness that we call PASTIES.
     The business has grown a bit over the years and we have added some things to the menu. We have awesome beef jerky, fantastic hand tossed pizzas, and delicious subs. We also sell a variety of locally caught smoked fish. If it's a sweet tooth you've got, come and sample our pie of the day or maybe a hand dipped ice cream cone. Check out our menu page to see what's cooking.

    Here at Bessie's we only use the freshest ingredients available. We combine fresh ingredients with great recipes and a good work ethic to continue to deliver the best in the U.P.
So the next time your in St. Ignace come and see us, you wont be disappointed ! If you cant wait contact us about shipping some Pastie's or beef jerky right to your door.
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                       Gil Borboa@ (906)643-6531

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